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Coaches Information

USATF Coaches section
Coaching Resources:

USA Track & Field The national governing body website with tons of important info. www.usatf.org

I.A.A.F. The international governing body website.  www.iaaf.org

American Track & Field magazine, six times in print a year, free to head coaches, of for an additional $10 for assistant  coaches or to be sent to coaches’ homes website: http://www.american-trackandfield

digital magazine: http://american-trackandfield.com/fall-2009-cross-country-yearbook

Athletes Only magazine , five times in print a year, free to high school, club, college teams, $10 for individual subscriptions. website: http://www.atf-athlete.com
digital magazine: http://www.atf-athlete.com/view-american-track-field-athlete-online

California Track & Running News , six times in print a year, included in all California association USATF membership fees. website: http://www.caltrack.com ; digital: http://www.caltrack.com .

Coaching Athletics Quarterly magazine , free to college, club coaches, $10 to all others , http://www.coachingathleticsq.com/read-online

SpeedEndurance: website with many informative articles in Pdf. format: http://www.speedendurance.com

The USOC Coaching Department , in partnership with its USA Coaching Coalition (USACC) partners - the NCAA, NFHS, and NASPE is proud to announce the launch of a new coaching education website:   http://www.USACoaching.org .   This website will be the go-to clearinghouse for all coaching education information and resources. 
The USOC also publishes a quarterly free e-zine with valuable article on training and the Olympic movement:


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